Intermediate Keyboarding Program

Clayton Huey will introduce students in grades 3-5 to a new keyboarding program, Type to Learn 4, during library special starting the week of December 1st.  It is important for students to progress from basic key awareness to proper keyboarding technique by practicing important skills each year.  Type to Learn 4 offers a web-enabled version that allows students to practice from home.  Parents can download the application once to their local machine and then launch Type to Learn 4 right from their computer.  An internet connection is needed so the program can access the students' data from the Sunburst server. Type to Learn 4 (TTL4) will be accessible from any computer at school or from home that has the downloaded software and an internet connection.  Students will be required to log-on using an assigned username and password.  Through the web-based program, student data is tracked and progress made at home will be transferred to the TTL4 at school, and vice versa.  The attached document will provide instructions to assist you with accessing this program. Please note that it is available in English and Spanish.