Staff BYOD

If a staff member wishes to use his/her personal device on the District’s BYOD wifi network, the following guidelines have been established and must be adhered to by all such staff members:

  • Each staff member must register their device with the Network and Systems Coordinator using the appropriate District procedure.
  • Abide by the rules of the District’s Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) outlined in Policy 6410 and its associated regulation.
  • Use the District's BYOD wifi network to access the Internet for work-related duties, such as email and research.
  • Staff members who choose to use their own personal device at work will not be reimbursed or receive an annual/monthly allowance or stipend, or any other compensation.
  • Maintenance and repair of personal electronic devices is the staff member's responsibility. The District's Technology Services Department will not support, troubleshoot, service, or repair any personal device.
  • The District is not responsible for any damage or loss to a staff member’s personal electronic device while on District property and/or connected to the District’s BYOD wifi network.
  • Access will be for Internet only; devices will not be joined or connected to any District network servers or printers. Additional network access rules will be in place to isolate the District’s network from personal devices on the BYOD wifi network.
  • There is no expectation that a particular website or app will function on a personal electronic device while on the District’s BYOD wifi network. The District is not responsible if a particular app or website does not work on a staff member’s personal device while connected to the District’s BYOD wifi network.
  • Network access priority is always for District-owned computers and devices. The District’s BYOD network speed may be limited to ensure adequate access for students, teachers and staff using District computer equipment.

Staff personal electronic devices are subject to the same filtering and firewall rules as District owned equipment, as per CIPA regulations. The District encourages staff members to use the computers and devices provided by the District to conduct their work-related activities and research. Connecting to the District’s BYOD wifi network is optional and not required of any staff member.

Please read the Board Policy below before requesting access:
CMSD Board Policy 6420 Staff BYOD

BYOD WiFi Access Request for Staff