Carlos Rodriguez - Appointed as Commissioner of Public Safety by the New York State Youth and Government YMCA

Carlos Rodriguez,  a Center Moriches High School Senior, was appointed to the position of Commissioner of Public Safety, by the New York State Youth and Government YMCA Governor, Aminata Toumbou.
This is a unique, New York statewide leadership position in the organization. This appointment in the Governor's Cabinet of the Youth and Government requires that Carlos review all of the bills submitted by the seven hundred participants and assist the Governor in deciding which bills that make it through the legislature get signed or vetoed. 
Carlos distinguished himself in the statewide conference held in March of 2017 and was nominated as "Best Debater" in the NYS Senate. He was one of three nominations out of a possible seventy students in that chamber.

Congratulations Carlos, we know that you will do a fantastic job as NYS Commissioner of Public Safety!