An Interview with George Hermann

George Hermann’s family has been in Center Moriches for over 100 years. His grandfather first came to Center Moriches in 1902 and opened a real estate business. His father started the family hardware store, which was located on Main Street. In 1929 George’s father opened a funeral home, because the only other funeral home owners were soon to retire. The Hermann’s also had a bottled gas business. George’s father passed down the funeral home business to him in 1935. He ran the funeral home for about 35 years and sold it some time in the 1980’s. George enjoyed running the funeral home because he was able to help his friends in their time of need.

George shared many of his memories of what it was like to grow up in Center Moriches. There were several supermarkets in town. A&P was the largest of the stores. There was also a Ralston, which was a smaller supermarket. The community was a very small and everyone knew each other. In the winters the ponds would freeze over and the families would skate and play on them.

The hurricane of 1938 and television changed the people of Center Moriches. The hurricane affected many homes and businesses, the funeral home itself was flooded and many coffins had to be thrown out. Moriches Bay came all the way up to Main Street. The people of Center Moriches were without lights for almost 3 weeks.

~Written by Shannon C.

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