An Interview with Julia Pratt

Mrs. Pratt had been in the Center Moriches community for about 25 years. She has worked at Suffolk County National for about 22 years.   One of the first bank locations in the Center Moriches is 366 Main Street. At one time it was Security National Bank, it was then taken over by Chemical Bank, and now it is a Chase Bank. However, originally it had been the Center Moriches Bank.

Another bank in town was Eastern Federal Savings Bank. This was taken over by Bayside Savings, then Nortfork Bank and is now Capital One. It is located at 500 Main Street at the corner of the King Kullen Shopping Center.

Suffolk County National Bank is located next to the Bagel Palace in the King Kullen shopping center. This location had previously been the home of the Bank of New York. When the Center Moriches branch first opened, there were 3 tellers, 2 people on the platform, and a manager. Currently there are a total of 11 employees.

There are 26 branches of Suffolk County National ranging from West Babylon and Deer Park, to Montauk and East Hampton. It is one of the original commercial banks on Long Island.


~Written by Shayna A.