Center Moriches Medical Services in the 1950's

People think many years have to pass by for changes to happen, but they are wrong. In the past fifty years medicine and medical institutions have advanced greatly.

In the 1950’s Center Moriches was a small country-like town located on the south shore of Long Island. Brookhaven Hospital was the only medical institution in this region, but because it was newly opened, it did not have many medical treatments to offer someone that had a complicated diagnosis or a rare disease. It was a very small facility, and there were not many doctors and nurses available. There was another hospital a little further away in Port Jefferson. The only ambulance available in town was a community ambulance from East Moriches. Some people believed when a serious medical situation occurred, they were better off going to a hospital in New York City.

Fifty years ago a doctor would come to your home if you did not want to go to his office. This type of consultation did cost a little extra. A hospital consultation was $2 and a house consultation would vary from $4-$5, which in those days was considered expensive.

Doctors had a reasonably good salary of about $5000 annually. However, it was not common to find female doctors, if women wanted a career in medicine they would become nurses.

~From an inteview with Dionne Levine - December 2007

~Written by Jillian B.