Ketcham Inn

Center Moriches History - The Ketcham Inn

The Ketcham Inn dates back to 1693. Throughout the 1700's it was a place to stop when you were traveling from Brooklyn to Sag Harbor. Many famous people stayed at the Inn. Thomas Jefferson and James Madison stayed there during the American Revolution. Then stagecoaches would bring tourists right to the Ketcham Inn and local boarding houses. In the 1940's the Inn had a gift shop and tea room. In the 1960's the Inn became a half way house. During the 1970's it became a shelter for battered women and children. Today, the Ketcham Inn is being restored and is listed on the National Register of Historical Places.

~ From an Interview with Virgina Mastrangelo

~Written by Krista L.

An Interview with Bert Seides


Bertram Seides was born and raised in Center Moriches. His father was a mink farmer and went on to become a chemistry teacher at Center Moriches high school.

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