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Data Privacy and Security - District Approved Software List

Software (programs, web based applications, extensions) used in the District, both free and subscription-based, are vetted for compliance with New York State Education Law-2d. This list will be updated throughout the year. A link to the Privacy Policy in the software list contains additional information specific to the company's policies. In addition, where appropriate, we have included supplemental information that further explains the protection of student and staff data.

District Software Inventory List (the district is currently updating its software inventory to a new web-based system for easier use and is revising the list)

Google Chrome extensions are typically created by 3rd party vendors. The majority of extensions are not part of the Google Workspace for Education. Google Chrome extensions are from 3rd party vendors and do not fall under our data privacy agreement with Google. The Center Moriches School District restricts the installation of extensions that are not part of the Google Workspace for Education or are on the approved list (see link above).

Be mindful of websites that allow a "Sign in with Google." This does not necessarily mean it is permissible to access that site using the Center Moriches School District Google credentials. Signing in with Google often passes data without knowledge and should not be used unless the site or extension is on the District Software approved list.