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The Members of the Board of Education

Board of Education Members   

BoardDocs - Current Agendas & Minutes (as of 8/11/2021)

To contact the Board of Education please email

Please be advised that any communication made or sent to individual Board members will be shared with the entire Board of Education and the Superintendent of Schools. Additionally, please be further advised that all communications to the Board of Education and/or individual Board members, as well as the information contained therein, are generally not confidential (unless required to be maintained confidential pursuant to applicable law), and may be subject to public disclosure pursuant to the Freedom of Information Law and/or any other applicable State and Federal laws, rules, and regulations.

Mr. George Maxwell, President (term expires June 30, 2024)
Mr. Marcus Babzien, Vice President (term expires June 30, 2025)
Dr. Dawn DiPeri (term expires June 30, 2026)
Ms. Thomasina Harrell (term expires June 30, 2026)
Ms. Lauren Slionski (term expires June 30, 2025)

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You can also contact the Board of Education, through the District Clerk by phone: 878-0052 ext. 117.

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